Employee Management software in dubai

Employee Management Software

Any Organization requires the employee details effectively. LetoHRMS- Employee information is the easiest way to capture all the information in one screen. LetoHRMS HR Software has been helping businesses to reduce costs and manage effectively and organized. Store staff information in one place. Track employee history. LetoHRMS helps to retrieve the employee details quickly.

Cloud Employee Management Software

Scalable SaaS, Cloud HRMS Software.

Access your database from any device with a web browser
with web based recruitment software.

In General, Cloud/SAAS model is accessing software through reliable online web servers anywhere anytime. With LetoSAAS Model, you can increase your user licenses as per your company growth. With monthly paying your outgoing cashflows are going to be controlled to restrict overspending on IT Software. Whether you work on Apple or Windows, LetoHRMS provides better access on all browsers simply having with internet connection. LetoHRMS Employee Management module is highly configurable and accessbile across all browsers.LetoHRMS Cloud based Employee Mangement Software in one of leading HR Employee Management software solution across all UAE Cities like Dubai, abudhabi, RAK, Fujairah.